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General Information

This Master’s program takes one academic year. The final Master's thesis can be written in summer.

The teaching period coincides with a regular academic year, namely between October and June. However, it is important to bear in mind that subjects are not taught on an annual basis. The academic year is divided into two semesters, in which completely different subjects are taught. The first semester ends in January/February and second semester classes begin in February. 

Students can choose to complete all the courses in one year (full-time students) or two (part-time students). Each credit will require about 25 hours of student's workload. Therefore, students should allow about 125 hours for each 5-credit course they take.

The Master's program in Applied Languages is offered online, which means that students will be able to do their course work throught the virtual campus of the University of Lleida (a sample tutorial is available here: The university has implemented SAKAI as its virtual campus, an open source systems widely used in universities worldwide. It is each and every student' responsibility the connectivity of their learning context be as reliable as possible. It is recommended that students access the virtual campus using cable, and not wi-fi, and never in public spaces. Moreover, it is a requisite to study this MA that students have a webcam and headphones with built-in microphone, with a view to ensuring the effective operation of the subject. 

For each subject, students will have attend an identification test session, consisting in one/two questions on the submitted activities. During the sessions, students will have access to the learning materials and submitted activities on the virtual campus, and to the assessment feedbcak given by instructors. These sessions can attended face-to-face or via videoconference. For each subject, students will have to choose one date (out of the two dates possible) for the identification test session and communicate their decision to the instructors of the subject when the subject tuition begins. [See dates in table]

A follow-up meeting will be held one Saturday each month. These meetings can be followed face-to-face or via videoconference (the videoconferencing Big Blue Button system has been integrated in SAKAI). Students may request tutorials with their lecturers on a voluntary basis. [To know more]