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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment


New students in the Master's programme

Students already enrolled in the Master's programme

First period

Pre-enrolment dates: from March 1 to June 30

Resolutions: April 26 de (1st resolution) and July 12 (2nd resolution)

Enrolment: July 22, 23 and 24

(Options: internet enrolment ( or on-site campus enrolment)

Changes in enrolment: October 10-11


No pre-registration is necessary

Enrolment dates: Octuber 3-4

Options: internet enrolment ( or on-site campus enrolment

Changes in enrolment: October, 10-11, 2018

Second period:

Pre-enrolment: from July 13 to Setembre, 17

Resolution: October 1

Enrolment: October 3-4

(Options: internet enrolment ( or on-site campus enrolment)

Changes in enrolment: October, 10-11, 2018

In the event that there are still places on the course for more students, an extrodinary period of pre-enrolment will be opened.


Access routes and pre-registration requirements


1. Official Spanish university degree.
2. Degree from a foreign university validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
3. Non-validated degree equivalent to a Spanish one if it authorises access to postgraduate studies in the awarding country.
Requires submission of an accrediting document from the relevant authority which approves access to postgraduate studies with this degree. The UdL must confirm validity.
2. SUBMISSION OF PRE-ENROLMENT APPLICATIONS - Pre-enrolment may be for either the whole or part of the period of study.

-Formal pre-enrolment is done online.The student must pay the amount of 30€. This amount is not refundable under any circumstances. After 10 days, the link create to pay for the pre-enrolment fee is no longer active. Please, email the secretary's office asking for a new link .

-  After having paid for the enrolment fee, the student must send a hard copy to this postal address with the required documentation (see Section 4 below)


20 places

The Study Committee of the MA establishes the selection criteria which deems appropriate for the proper monitoring of the curriculum and it will ensure that these criteria are applied.

Internacional students:
Must take an advanced level of Spanish (C1 CEFR). If They do not have accredited proof of this, they must take an entrance exam.
Students from non-related degrees:
Must take a minimum of 20 credits of supplementary training.

If demand exceeds the number of places available on the MA, the selection criteria will be the following:

1) Academic record of accredited formal training (70%)

2) Complementary academic or professional training (20%)

3) Level of English based on documentation provided (10%)
4. DOCUMENTATION FOR PRE-ENROLMENT Original and copy or certified copy of identity card Spanish citizens
Documentary proof of nationality and identity
International citizens
Signed pre-enrolment application form
Two passport photographs, with name written on reverse
Foreign students of 28 years or older must present an original and a copy of health and accident insurance valid in the Spanish state
If applicable, application and documentary proof of any exemption, supplement or gratuity before the period of registration
Authenticated copy (certified) of official degree
Document issued by the issuing university of the degree that authorises access to postgraduate studies
Access route 3
Certificate of language skills Original or certified copy
Official degree transcript with marks
On foreign academic records, a numerical scale out of 10 together with the total number of hours studied for each subject is needed
If credit recognition is applied for:

- Curriculum or table of contents issued or published by the corresponding centre

- Documents which certify the competences granted, the curricula taken or the programme of subjects passed

- Official document that certifies work experience

Documentation should be:

(1) Official and original, issued by the relevant authorities

Certified through diplomatic channels in the order shown:
1. Ministry of Education of the country of origin of the student (degree certificate and transcript).
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents were issued.

3. Diplomatic or consular representation of Spain in the student’s country of origin (in the case of refugee status, consult the MA coordinator).

(3) Officially translated into Spanish
. by any diplomatic or consular representation of Spain in a foreign country

. in Spain, by the diplomatic or consular representation of the country where the student is a citizen

.by a certified translator

If photocopy has been certified by diplomatic or consular representation of Spain, the original need not be sent

All documents issued by consular services of the foreign country in Spain must be certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Certification of documents from countries belonging to the Hague Convention can be substituted by an apostille affixed to the document
Certification of documentation from EU countries is not required

The responsible body will publish the list of accepted candidates indicating the applicant’s DNI or Passport number.

Appeals may be submitted to the Committee for Official Postgraduate Studies.
Can be requested with justification before registration deadline.