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Language of instruction

This Master’s Degree is taught in Spanish. Therefore, participants are expeted to accredit an advanced level of competence in this language. Participants should provide proof of their language skills; otherwise, they will have to pass a Spanish language level test (interview and writing) administered by the Master's Coordination.

In some subjects, lecturers may teach in English and Catalan. However, to do so they must seek participants' prior approval. We are thus able to offer participants the opportunity to improve their competence in these languages.

Moreover, English, Spanish or Catalan may be chosen as the assessment language in each subject by each student. S/he may select English in 50% of the subjects, and Spanish or Catalan in 100% of the subjects.

The reading list in the subjects is also multilingual, in English and Spanish, basically. Any reading in English is normally complemented with another reading in Spanish about the same topic. So, participants are expected to hold an accredited upper-intermediate level in English.