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University Information and Support Service

This service was specifically set up to provide students with information and advice about university training, third cycle courses, access to the University and other relevant issues. It also has an area dedicated to university-company relations, whose main aim is to help students supplement their academic training with practical skills acquired in the framework of internship agreements. This service may be useful for those non-resident students in Lleida willing to study our master's program in the city.

It also helps students to join the job market through its Employment Service. The University Information  and Support Service is likewise responsible for managing and providing information about specific grants, accommodation and how to obtain the university student card.


Job-Site Work
Bicycle loan
Acreditation UdL
Welcome program for new students
Counseling services to students
Universitat per a tothom (UdL and disabilityt)
SPACE Secondary Schools (Information and Guidance Activities)
Location of campus
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SIAU Directory

+34 973 003 591

Campus de Cappont

C. de Jaume II, 67 bis

E-25001 Lleida

902 507 205 / +34 973 003 588

Office hours:

Morning: 9.30h to 14h

Afteernoon: 16 to 18h. (Monday-Thursday)

Summer: 9.30 to 14h