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Master in Applied Languages (online)    

This Master's program is designed to facilitate students' learning and putting into practice of professional applications related to the knowledge of languages in multilingual and intercultural environments as well as in professional contexts in which information technology and communication plays a key role. In addition, the Master's program in Applied Languages offers the students the possibility of achieving a level of professional expertise in Catalan or Spanish and, optionally, an advanced level in English, with which they will be able to develop a professional activity in these languages.

This Master’s degree aims to provide graduates with an in-depth understanding of the practical and professional applications of languages, thanks to the knowledge and accumulated experience of over thirty experts and researchers with a wide range of experience in the professional application of languages.

The specific nature of this post-graduate program course comes from the fact that it is the only Master's degree in Spain with an applied language profile. It seeks to broaden students’ knowledge of the applications available for both native and foreign languages in two related fields:

  • Teaching and learning languages in multilingual environments
  • Linguistic consultancy for companies, institutions and the general public

This Master’s degree is taught online, thus giving greater scope for lecturer-student and student-student interaction.

The Master's program in Applied Languages is offers two types of enrolment: full time (one academic year) and part time (two academic years). The part-time option is especially addressed to those students who want to make their studies compatible with a professional career or any other occupation.

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